Our Wellness rules

Our wellness rules are established to allow everyone to enjoy the common areas of the guest house, to live fully in harmony with the place, a pleasant stay in calm and respect for all. Sharing and usability.

Villa zembra guest house offers a welcome, accommodation and breakfast, possibly a diner for its residents. These past 15 years have allowed us to observe some annoying deviations for the majority of our clientele. Out of respect for this majority, we apply the following rules:

1 - privatization or small groups:

Privatization or the majority by the number of residents, does not imply a total freedom of behavior and does not mean having the right to monopolize the commonplaces as it may be the case when renting a furnished apartment, to ignore the daily closing times at 00:30 as well as the check-in time 14:30 and check-out time 11:30.

2 - Consumptions and meals:

  • Our breakfasts are served from 8h to 9h30
  • Throughout your stay we are available and attentive to your needs.

The table d'hôtes that we offer is an option that allows you to book your first dinner - this one will be confirmed 24 hours in advance. Villa zembra offers a wine list, products of the Tunisian terroir. We do however the following prohibitions:

  • No outdoor food as it is, is accepted, personal supplies will remain in the vehicle. Takeaway dishes or pizzas, meals or snacks bought outside are eaten outside.
  • The alcohol taken by you in reasonable quantities will be consumed in your rooms or on your terraces without corkage.
  • Concerning the homogeneous groups that bring their alcohols, no corkage fee if the meal is reserved. On the other hand if the table is not reserved a corkage fee of 20 dinars per adult will be applied and invoiced in return for the clearing service, provision of glasses and other crockery, ice cubes and cleaning.

3 - Noise and other important points

  • Do not move the furniture.
  • The coolers will remain in the vehicles.
  • Mobile phones are set to vibrate mode.
  • The production of Music by autonomous amplificatory is strictly forbidden
  • From 23h it is advisable to reduce the noise nuisances and to contain oneself by respect of others.
  • 00h30 is the end of the activities and the extinction of the fires of the common spaces is realized for safety reason

4 - Pool

  • The shower before bathing is obligatory.
  • Eating, drinking, smoking around and in the pool is strictly forbidden. Only drinks are served at the beach pool - a bar is at your disposal.