Leisure activities, relaxation and well-being

  • Explore the coast of El Haouaria in Canoe Kayak , Snorkeling
  • Explore of the village and its souk The Friday
  • Sea Trip (from May 1st till October 30th)
  • Hike: 3 levels of difficulty are proposed. Hike Shoes are hightly recommanded
  • Hike Ride and cultural discovery in Bike various levels of difficulty
  • Initiation and/or retreats Qigong, T'ai chi, Meditation, Reiki, Art Therapy openings in the mindfulness
  • Spotlights of fishing and kitesurf
  • Massages
  • The East coast convenient for free-divers and hunters with spear gun

Culturals explorations

  • Visit of the souks of the Tunis medina
  • Oriental Evenings songs, music and dances
  • Visit of Nabeul, souk and beach
  • Kerkouane's archeological site
  • The caves of El haouaria
  • Sidi Bou Saïd's streets
  • Falconry’s festival
  • Lover Cinema’s festival

Visit of the surroundings

Sidi Daoud

  • Visit of the village of tuna fishermen


  • Its turquoise lagoons


  • Its Fort
  • Its harbour
  • Its beaches
  • Its souk


  • Its « City of craftsmen »
  • Its ceramics
  • Its leathers
  • Its spices


  • The Medina