The shop Ed Dokkan

Confitures maison


You will find on our page facebook all our offers contents and price list as the seasons go by and our baskets of the week.

Our products of mouths are stamped "Ed Dokkan" by villa zembra. It guaranteed Home made and joins in an approach of fair trade encouraging all our small local producers with whom we collaborate.

On sale on the spot, our classics of season are cooked and sterilized by myself and that of my team.

Some Jams

Strawberry jams, balls of melon granulate of anise drinks and flowers of lavender, natural or cinnamon Orange, mandarins, 3 citrus fruits, black figs pine nuts and lemon peels green, pears in spices, cherry tomatoes and raisins Some chutney ... but also

YoghurtsBreadsFresh cheesesCheesesCheeses
  • Yoghurts home made
  • Fresh cheeses, flavored or refined until 6 weeks
  • Terrines, soups, dried meats
  • Breads tabouna or of campaign
  • Candy or small cake pastries, cakes or tarts
  • Ready-made meal, soups,
  • Collection of the seasonal vegetables, eggs farmers of hens, female ducks
  • Promotion of certain olive oil of top of the range.