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Villa Zembra

Villa Zembra is a luxurious guest house situated at the tip of the peninsula of “Le Cap Bon” in Tunisia at the seaside in the village of El HAOUARIA.

This Tunisian Bed & Breakfast was named after the island which, in a Mediterranean blue between sky and sea, offers a natural atmosphere enveloped in a pleasant scent of jasmine.

The Arabic garden, the patio, the fountains and terraces opening on to the scrubland, the Mediterranean Sea and the Zembra Islands, highlight the setting of this Tunisian guest house . A unique ecosystem for a stay of well-being at the seaside.

The master of the house welcomes you in the purest tradition of the Tunisian guest houses. Your arrival is an important moment for us. Our team, beyond the pleasure to satisfy you as distinguished guests, aims at developing our customers loyalty so that Villa Zembra becomes for you the ideal place to stay.

Location of the Bed & Breakfast

My guest house is located in this little fishing village, El Haouaria, just at the tip of the peninsula of « Cap Bon » in Tunisia, where the Western Mediterranean sea separates from the Eastern Mediterranean sea..

El Haouaria and the Zembra Islands are only a few miles away from Sicilia. It is also the end of Tunis Gulf and the beginning of the Hammamet gulf. The air is so good and pure over there that the place is known for bronchial convalescence.

El Haouaria is also famous for its falconry festival which takes place every year in June. The method of capturing and training of falcons and sparrowhawks has been passed from father to son until these days.

Known as the « Eagle city », the old "Aquilaria" is the centre of the migration area of birds like raptors, cranes or storks. If you want to get to El Haouaria, you just have to take the road to the « Cap Bon » by its Eastern side, following the classical route via Hammamet, Nabeul, Korba, Menzel Temime and Kelibia or enjoy a more calm and bucolic road by the other side, via Soliman et Takelsa.

At the entrance of the village, you will be welcome by a statue of a peregrine falcon which symbolizes the long falconry tradition in « Cap Bon » You will then take the main road towards the Punic caves and a little further you will see the cimetery of the village on the right towards the beach of Léja

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View of the sunset on the Zembra Islands from the terrace.

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