Gastronomy and Tunisian specialities

Tunisian gastronomy is a balanced and healthy diet with seasonal traditionally grown products and thus, influences our well-being and our cheerfulness.

Favour what the ground and the sea give you at a specific moment. Solicit your market gardeners, your fishmongers and your traditional butchers. In the end, you will thank them.

This is what I put into practice in my guest house. Gastronomy, Tunisian specialities are made of seasonal fresh products coming from traditional cultivation methods. Everything is handmade : sun-dried tomatoes, semolina, hulled wheat, Tunisian bread, fresh fish, olives, jams (recognized speciality for our guests), raw milk cheese, sweets and beautiful presentations of the regional dishes, treasures ofTunisian gastronomy.


When we start talking about food with friends, when we start enjoying dishes thinking about them easily, remembering the smells, the tastes that make us salivate again, this is the right moment when gastronomy and Tunisian specialities make sense : the lemony perfume of European basil compared with the more peppery basil from North Africa, or the mint which exalts the taste of the strawberries just drizzled with some geranium water.

When you raise your glass of wine with those same friends who are as fond as you of eating Tunisian gastronomy , then spices come in to play because good wine creates the alchemy between the palate and its souvenir. The delicate touch of the cardamom on a sfaxian-style sea bream added at the end of cooking or a haunch of kid cooked very slowly, one of the stars of Northern Tunisian gastronomy ... and finally at the end of the meal, you can choose either coffee or mint tea with sweet Tunisian delights and enjoy it in the garden where the slightest breeze brings the delicate scent of sage, rosemary, thyme, roses, jasmine, marjoram and peppermint and take you away to a lot of journeys, each of you fancying one’s own adventure and expressing one’s feelings with simple words. Even if there’s a common feature between bottom notes and middle notes like a perfume, spices and aromatics have a different effect according to the people.

This is this poetry I would like to share with you, dear guests.